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Re: Image comments for Ron Paul..... A Re-Founding Father
Posted by: shaDEz
Date: 16/10/2008 02:39PM
...and the Zionist thing, yeah ummm who has helped a great deal in the crushing of the Palestines... this hollocaust, this ethnic cleansing. Was it those big bad ole commies? No, the state of Isreal this was a necessity to have as a base in this strategic part of the world for U.S. empire. Many great communist leaders and the founders excluding Mao Tsetung were from Jewish descent... (well for that matter, I myself am from Christian descent, does that make me a believer in that horse shit, does that make me a supporter of Palin,... even though there are some Christians that their religios convictions drive them to do away with all this oppression and those I do unite with, but still does not make me a Christian, does not make me not want to struggle with these particular Christians--and all other types of religious people--that god, spirits, afterlife, is all bullshit.) And after the Bolshevik revolution Russia became the first to stop state sponsored hatred of the Jews. Why, because it was racsist, because there is no justification of the persecution of Jews and if you ever wish to get to a classless society (communism) then you have to do away with all such nonesense, all chauvenisms...

(you're obvious in your antiSemitism in even accusing communist as Zionist... it is a classical charge which first appeared when Hitler was looking for a way to persecute communists, the same Hitler that modeled his empire after the U.S.)

however if you enjoy these outrages then by all means do go against the communists and continue to dogmatically believe the line that "there was at one time something good about America... back when it was first founded, we need to go back to those good ole days." And again I have to bring up the fact that this Ted Bundy of a system was founded on genocide and slavery, and this slavery was only ended when the productions relations of the slave owning class of the South came into direct antagonism with the production relations of the capitalist class of the North, not becuase they thought it was morally wrong for a man to own another... hell they still viewed Blacks as only three fifths of a human being! If you are backwarded enough then by all means do clasp on to this rotten shit, but be warned that it ain't gonna hold for too much lonmger as is and can not be reversed because that is not how capital works. If that was actually possible there never would have been a Bolshevik revolution... not to mention evolution wouldn't work either, but that perhaps is completely over the heads of the users here and is out of my own abillity to even begin to attempt to explain. Learn the concept of dialectecal materialism, which is the foundation of what Marx and Engles develloped, which has yet to be disproved, and apply that to all material (the part of the universe that actually exists).

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