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    pulse @ 10-10-2011

    As do I. They're delicious and remind me of all the naughty things I should never have done..

  • User Avatar
    DarkKlown @ 10-03-2009

    I approve of these messages

  • User Avatar
    pulse @ 10-03-2009

    I remember the good drugs from the 90s and .. err .. 00s. Those were the days, my friend.

  • User Avatar
    Mrkim @ 03-01-2009

    As a graduate of the 70s and one who still remembers lotsa good music and drugz from then, wel ...

  • User Avatar
    pulse @ 03-01-2009

    I'm the only good thing to come from the 70s. Bitchez.

  • User Avatar
    Mrkim @ 03-01-2009

    Since I figure Mommy squeezed you out about then dudn seem to me like the 70s are dead yet beyaatch

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